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Big Bird Paddleboat
All our Paddleboat's are very easy to paddle , with a high quality paddlewheel and the design of the hull or pontoons makes the boat cut through the water with minimal resistance. This makes for repeat customers.
Available Options:

The Perfect tool where your  guests will willingly spend a little more money at your facility without thinking it is too expensive

Use our paddleboats Commercially as rental boats or in your attraction.

As successful as  everybody is that are using our paddleboats commercially, we know that this is one of the best returns on your investment possible.

It will automatically make you "the talk of town".

Facts about The "Big Bird"
Adventureglass Paddleboats are proudly made in Indiana USA
Our largest "Birdboat" comes as a
Swan, Blue Heron, Dragon, Pelican, Pink Flamingo, or Duck
The boat with everybody facing forward
The "Big Bird" boat is a PLATFORM Boat mounted on sealed pontoons
With NOWHERE for any water to collect.
The streamlined pontoons cut thorough the water easily to make even this big boat easy to peddle.
The sturdy aluminum/stainless steel direct driven paddlewheel is mounted on real greasable ballbearings
Comfortably seats 4 people